Monday, October 24, 2016

Illinois Political Boss Mike Madigan Named in FBI File of Chicago Mafia Member Alderman Fred Roti For Receiving Campaign Contribution From Roti.

Illinois political boss Mike Madigan is named in the late Alderman Fred Roti's FBI file . Alderman Roti was named by the Justice Department, in 1999, as a high ranking made member(pages 27 and 47) of the Chicago Mob. On page 835 of Roti's FBI file is the listing of the money Roti gave to Mike Madigan. You might say the FBI "noticed" that $300 "contribution". Check out page 805 of Roti's FBI file: what did Mike Madigan know about the $2000 "transfer in" from the 13th Ward Democratic Campaign Association to Roti? Was Roti the Mob's major conduit to Madigan? No word yet on this story from the ARDC.